Anthony Yarber- CEO/Founder

Mr. Yarber brings 18+ years of experience in the networking field consisting of Unified Communications and Networking working on various security and wireless projects. During that time, he has worked for a range of both commercial and government clients.

It was during his time serving as a Communication Engineer in the United States Army that Mr. Yarber gained the experience and knowledge base that he now uses to stabilize, grow and secure commercial, Federal and State UC networks. Today, this experience is essential to Unified TCG.

Mr. Yarber’s extensive UC experience also includes detailed and comprehensive end-user training, project development as well as project leadership. Additionally, Mr. Yarber has spent several years developing training after installing extensive UC network enhancements and critical UC features and has completed over 100 successful Unified Communications Design, installation, upgrade, and/or implementation engagements.

Over the years, Mr. Yarber has successfully worked on a range of diverse projects from beginning to end, providing clients with the invaluable tools necessary to compete in an ever growing and ever changing technology industry. Mr. Yarber has passed the Cisco CCIE Collaboration written exam and is currently preparing for CCIE Collaboration lab examination.

Casey Lawler – COO/Co-Founder

A retired Military veteran with 20+ years of service. While in the military developed the skills of a dependable leader while promoting team work and cohesiveness.

Under the mentorship of Mr. Yarber and skills developed during my military tenure, Mr. Lawler has been working diligently in partnership with Mr. Yarber to manage day-to-day operations at Unified TCG, manage installation and configurations at various site projects, and training development for entry level professionals.

With 20+ years of experience in leadership roles, 5+ years of networking experience, and successful completion of the CCNP Collaboration certification, Mr. Lawler has gained impeccable skills in implementation, maintaining CUCM system, installing UC network enhancements and critical UC features. Has successfully assisted and completed over 25 successful Unified Communications Design, installation, upgrade, and/or implementation engagements.

Robyn Whittemore – Administrative Manager

Mrs. Whittemore began her career on a path that is rare among other IT professionals; With a Bachelor’s degree of Science and Elementary Education as well as 10+ years of service as a case manager with the state of Kentucky, Mrs. Whittemore now serves as the Administrative Manager for Unified TCG. Mrs. Whittemore brings her love of teaching, continued education, and desire to help others achieve necessary skills to succeed to the team as an overseer of training development and implementation. Mrs. Whittemore contributes professionalism and proficiency in execution of all things office and project management. Mrs. Whittemore is concurrently working towards a Master’s degree in Criminology, and has been able to tailor her many skills to meet the needs of clients.

In addition to obligations at Unified TCG, Mrs. Whittemore frequently volunteers with at-risk youth and is currently developing the Mentor Scholarship program; which would award full tuition to selected candidates for training through the Mentor program whom are interested in a career in the IT field.

Aleesha Jones – Training Director/Administrative Support

New to the IT field, Mrs. Jones contributes 4+ years of administrative and executive support experience to the Unified TCG team. As a social work major, Mrs. Jones has extensive experience designing, planning, and organizing training programs, assessing consumer needs, and meeting quality standards for services. Working underneath Mrs. Whittemore on the Mentor Scholarship Program and possessing a broad range of experience, Mrs. Jones passion has always been to contribute training and employment endeavors to the community. As the training director of the Mentor program, Mrs. Jones has worked thoroughly to coordinate training activities and develop training materials.

With aspirations of furthering a career in the IT field, Mrs. Jones is working under the mentorship of Mr. Lawler to assist with Unified Communications Design, installation, and upgrades at various sites.